Bri Hunter from the Faster, Better, and In Heels podcast joins the show again for a discussion on Avengers co-director Joe Russo's collapsing downtown Los Angeles restaurant Simone, stemming from a recent article in LA Magazine. Isaac thinks this is another in a series of stories on female failures, while Charles believes it's just another bit of ongoing hubristic mismanagement.

Also discussed: disturbing breakfast cereal advertising, why people stan so hard, and Isaac's Kanye West dreams.

LA Magazine story about Simone:

Our appearance on FBIH:

Our appearance on Succotash:

Extremely successful comedian Heather Marulli joins the show to celebrate the anniversary of her attack at the hands of crazed listener Dave of Kentucky. Charles reads feedback from a variety of other listeners including Rob in Texas, ShadyLady, and many others. Isaac is annoyed that we are wasting time on this and Heather has brought along a crystal.

Also discussed: were Isaac's friends Heather's true enemies all along? How does everyone feel about Phish? Who wants to hear a raceplay episode?

Lauren Madden and Bri Hunter from the Faster, Better, and In Heels podcast join Isaac and Charles for a discussion on California's SB-826, which requires large, publicly-traded companies headquartered in California to increase the number of women on their executive boards over the next few years. Is such a law helpful or merely demanding a destructive quota?

Also discussed: Hinge messages, why male porn actors are paid so little, and the drawbacks to gender-skewed workplaces.

FBIH Podcast:

It's a show about old Hollywood vs. new Hollywood with actual Hollywood person Toby Louie to provide some informed insight. Steven Spielberg recently launched what was perceived as an attack on Netflix. Is it because he's in bed with Apple or simply wants to preserve the theatrical experience? Does theatrical releasing have a future? Does Netflix?

Also: where did all the mid-budget films for grownups go, is there a truly great Netflix TV show or movie, and the terribleness of Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom.

Listener favorite Heather Marulli is back to explore why we're so societally weird about suicide and death. The episode begins with everyone's favorite bit: reading horrendously self-aggrandizing social media posts shared in the wake of tragedy. Then: why are people so unhappy? Is mental illness internally real or a reaction to a broken world?

PLUS: "Elephant mourning," spiritual impoverishment in the US, how to ACTUALLY help someone who might be suicidal, and the benefits of transcendental meditation. Yes, this episode sounds like something created by people into crystals. Only 1/3 people talking is into crystals!

Isaac Simpson is a married man! Listen along with Charles and guest Toby Louie for the hottest details of the celebrity wedding of the year!

SPOILERS AHEAD! Isaac and Charles review Jordan Peele's Us along with guests Toby Louie and Heather Marulli! Does this episode rapidly go off the rails? Do you need to ask?

NAHF Mascot Sam Harris's podcast Making Sense recently had on Roger McNamee, a key adviser in the early days of Facebook, who has since heavily criticized tech giants like Facebook and Google for their business practices. Along with guest Toby Louie, Isaac and Charles examine McNamee's appearance, with Isaac reacting strongly to McNamee's "toxic boomerality."

Also discussed: the annoyance of storytelling within conversations, as well as Isaac and Charles both telling their own horrifying stories about storytelling.

Sam Harris/Roger McNamee episode:

Someone has been sending angry missives again, and we take a few minutes to talk about it! Also: a soundboard challenge for our listeners.

A minisode covering a host of movie and TV-related topics: the Swedish film Border, Black Panther's questionable quality, True Detective Season 3 is boring but The Americans is great, the end of HBO's prestige period, and Isaac's feverish consumption of Sergio Leone's Once Upon a Time in America. 

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