The thrilling conclusion to NAHF's extended conversation with Twitter's BFF Josh Denny. Isaac, Charles, Josh, and Adi get to talking about the tweet that got Josh in so much hot water: what does it mean? What do people THINK it means? Does intent matter? Does using certain words definitively make you racist?

Isaac and Charles criticize the wording of the tweet, and Josh chastises Charles for going after another comedian's jokes. Adi stresses the importance of context on Twitter, a concept with which Josh disagrees.

Also discussed: the Bow Wow Challenge and Adi's Aziz Ansari impression.


Continuing directly from Part 1, Josh and Isaac question why it's a problem to ask someone where they're from, which Adi and Charles attempt to answer. Josh suggests the media's focus on race is part of the reason it comes up so much. Isaac is accused of "getting wound up" by Charles, and later has an oppression-off with Adi.

Also discussed: does everyone have racist thoughts? Is it always better to be white in America? Has Dave of Kentucky's view of Adi improved?

Stay tuned for Part 3...


Controversial comedian Josh Denny was displeased with "A Very Denny Episode" and so joins the show with comedian Adi Gordan. What transpired was an often-heated exchange that lasted 3 hours and has been broken into multiple parts for your listening pleasure.

On this episode: Josh describes why he was unhappy with NAHF's episode about his situation while Isaac and Charles explain their reasoning. Twitter's terms and conditions are discussed, as well as the method by which they make you remove tweets. Isaac wants to establish a definition of racism. Josh and Adi both describe ways the entertainment business forces you to alter yourself.

Also discussed: NFL kneeling, what makes a right vs. left TV show, and whether Josh is still beloved in the gay bear community.

To be continued in future episodes!


Former educator Stephen Brock makes his first guest appearance on the show to lend his expertise to the topic of school shootings and their origins. Stephen thinks it's a symptom of a larger issue with boys and masculinity. Related issues: Why aren't inner city schools plagued with mass shootings? Why has the Virginia Tech shooter been ignored? Would a national draft provide a sense of purpose and help eradicate these occurrences?

Also: whether serial killers are the indie films of murder, why Stephen thinks the Obama administration were "the Brunch Years", and Isaac mocks Charles for referencing nonexistent rappers that turn out to be real.

June 12, 2018

Minisode: Incelicious

A quick discussion about some of the elements of the incel phenomenon with Sam Bivins and Matthew Robinson once again joining Isaac and Charles. Topics discussed: the grossness of rating people on a scale, why there are no gay incels, and how the prism of ideology disrtorts the discussion.

The Misandry Bubble:


It's time to explore the Intellectual Dark Web with guests Sam Bivins and Matthew Robinson! Together everyone examines the Bari Weiss article about the IDW ( and the Nellie Bowles article about Jordan Peterson ( Much fun is had mocking the terrible photography and overall pretentiousness of both articles. Debated: Is Sam Harris actually on the right? What is wrong with being right wing? And what is actually on the real intellectual dark web?

Also discussed: Matthew Robinson's standup characters and hatred from the MDE subreddit, listener suggestions for a new soundboard, the fact that Eric Weinstein is Peter Thiel's henchman, and how Jordan Peterson is jumping the shark!

May 29, 2018

A Very Denny Episode

Matthew Robinson joins the show for this week's episode! Isaac tells the tale of his threatening phone call, Dave of Kentucky has emailed again with more opinions of the show's guests, and Player FM screws Not a Huge Fan out of hundreds of listeners!

Then Isaac, Charles, and Matthew discuss a situation involving friend of the show Josh Denny, who said something that got himself in the midst of a Twitter dogpile over some ill-advised tweets and the resultant uproar.


It's the final episode of the resiDANce as soon-to-be-gone comedian Dan D'Aprile joins Charles and Isaac one last time for a hard look at a hot button topic: jury duty. Charles tells a story about his experience on a jury panel in an LA criminal court and warns what happens when everyone treats jury duty like a nuisance instead of an obligation.

Also discussed: time limited relationships, Charles lying about having a wife in order to avoid purchasing furniture, and the nepotism of the entertainment business.

Check out Dan on Twitter (@DanDaprile) and Instagram (@DannyDaprile)!

May 15, 2018

Do Read the Comments

Isaac, Charles, and Dan D'Aprile just got back from lunch and annoyed a waitress who wanted them to order more aggressive drinks. Charles reads listener feedback from the controversial When Listeners Attack episode about Heather Marulli and it is not on the side of Dave of Kentucky! Isaac shares a harrowing experience receiving angry missives from one of his Vandal Press writers and the value of online comments is debated.

Also discussed: why liberal cities have so many homeless people, a fantastic Twitter account for everyone to follow, and Dan's Irish accent. This is the next to last episode of the resiDANce!

Heather Marulli's response to Dave of Kentucky here:


Time to read and cringe over a variety of the terrible personal essays that online portals love to publish! The resiDANce continues with Dan D'Aprile joining Isaac and Charles to examine the merits of articles like "I am tired of being a Jewish man's rebellion," "Christina Hendricks: A Letter to Men," and "When Your 7 Year Old Son Announces 'I'm Gay!'"

Also covered: why Isaac was reading Milo Yiannopoulos in a Long Beach lesbian coffee shop, Dan D'Aprile's future character Don Draprile, and the titillation of the word "panties."

Pieces mentioned:


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