September 10, 2019

Chappelle’s Show

Dave Chappelle released a new Netflix special and everyone has lots of opinions, including our two guests: the listener-despised Josh Denny and Cameron Johnson. Will they be redeemed?

Discussed on this episode: why society gives a pass to making fun of Asian people, whether Chappelle has transitioned from being a thought leader to being a reactionary, word reclamation, Louis CK, Nanette, and much more!

Everybody loves a good cult story, and today's episode takes a look at two both published in New York Magazine along with returning guests Matt Wilstein and Adi Gordan.

First up is "The Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence," by Ezra Marcus and James D. Walsh ( It's the story of a group of college students who fall under the increasingly-bizarre influence of one of their fathers, and who end up forming a small cult based around his teachings.

Next up is Kera Bolonik's "The Most Gullible Man in Cambridge," about a college professor who becomes involved in a bizarre love triangle that literally makes him lose his house (

Also discussed: whether anyone could be susceptible to a cult, how powerful is pity PLUS Adi Gordan tells possibly the worst story we've ever heard.

Matt Wilstein's podcast The Last Laugh:

Isaac and Charles welcome back The Last Laugh's Matt Wilstein (@mattwilstein) and comedian Adi Gordan (@adigordan). Previous guest Bridget Phetasy mentioned some issues with things that were said and done during a prior appearance and the show presents them for discussion. Was something offensive said, or was it taken the wrong way?

ALSO: Code-switching, how to deal with sober guests, how Matt deals with awkward guest questions, and whether it is necessary to treat female guests differently than male guests.

Matt Wilstein's podcast The Last Laugh:

Journalist and podcaster Matt Wilstein (@MattWilstein) joins the show along with comedian Adi Gordan (@adigordan), neither of whom are ever introduced by the extremely unprofessional hosts of the show. This week: an out of left field comment by Unpopular Opinion host Adam Tod Brown raises the question about whether voting for Trump automatically makes one "alt-right."

Also discussed: Charles's abandoned Abandoned Podcast Podcast, whether white Christian people are underrepresented in American society, why white right-leaning journalists are rare, the reality of left-wing vs. right-wing violence, PLUS: hot endorsements and predictions for the Democratic primary race.

Check out Matt Wilstein's podcast The Last Laugh:

Not a Huge Fan always asks the hard questions and we don't shy away from this one posed to our returning guest Bridget Phetasy: between Dave Rubin, Glenn Beck, and Ben Shapiro, who smells the best? The answer may surprise you (probably not)! Bridget's experience on all these right-leaning shows led to her an interesting conclusion about what they're not talking about that their audience needs.

Also discussed: the weird stuff right wing shows sell, the goth kids of the IDW, and the ways white guys got soft!

August 6, 2019

How To Blow Up On Twitter

Returning guest Bridget Phetasy is many things: a comedian, a writer, and a political commentator! But what she's best known for is her Twitter, and today she provides woefully Twitter-inept Isaac and Charles with some tips on how she leveraged her tweeting skills into a fulltime gig.

Also discussed: Isaac was touched by a gay man, Charles is bad at improv, and how not saying the words you want to say makes you want to say them more!

Bridget's Twitter: @BridgetPhetasy

Isaac recently attended both VidCon and Comic-Con and provides a report. VidCon was weird, Comic-Con was sad, neither said good things about American culture in 2019. The big question: what is the future of entertainment for tweens obsessed with YouTube stars?

Also discussed: the futility of waiting in lines, our future of endless comic book characters, and why we've decided our art must create nostalgia instead of surprise.

Isaac and Charles welcome to the show Bridget Phetasy (@BridgetPhetasy): comedian, podcaster, writer, and Twitter gadfly. XXXTentacion is dead but he's getting comedians cancelled! We talk about Dina Hashem's joke and why there isn't always intellectual honesty in the standup community. Did Dina deserve the backlash because of her background? Does comedy have a future? Or will it just get crushed by the perpetually offended?

Also discussed: the hilariously sad New York Times article about podcasting, who exactly is The Slump God, and why applause is so bizarre. article about Dina Hashem and her joke:

NYTimes podcast story:

Another round of the hottest takes imaginable! Abortion! The death penalty! Whether Jared Kushner is attractive! And more!

We did it live! Isaac and Charles put on a live version of the show as part of a larger event called The Podcast Party. Its quality is reviewed, along with that of the other live podcasts. The audience was offended! Actual listeners showed up! And more!

Also discussed: listener email, how to date while sober, and who was mean to Isaac in the green room.

Our Podcast Party episode (skip to 17:19 if you just want to hear us):

Podcast Party YouTube channel (our episode isn't up yet but this link will be updated as soon as it is):

Charles gives Heather online dating advice:

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