November 5, 2019

It’s Over

The final episode of Not a Huge Fan.

November 1, 2019

Minisode: NAHF Live

A post-Halloween treat, it's the infamous live episode! Recorded back in June in front of a live audience as a segment of The Podcast Party, Isaac and Charles do a round of fast hot takes along with returning guest Rachel Louie and a special guest.

Check out our previous episode "A Podcast About Our Live Podcast" for the background and behind the scenes story.

It's the next-to-last full episode of Not a Huge Fan and Isaac and Charles are spending their time wisely: checking out which public commentators, broadcasters, and personalities are shilling sketchy products to their devoted fans. A spiritual sequel to Awful Podcast Merch. Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck, Jordan Peterson's daughter, and the Krassensteins are selling gold, food buckets, and $45 coins to bilk more money out of their followers. A promise: Not a Huge Fan will NEVER resort to such tactics.

Also discussed: our shocking writeup in the largest newspaper in the Netherlands, why everyone loves hearing the political opinions of children, and the glory of Marianne Williamson on Dave Rubin's show.

October 22, 2019

The Worst Lines in LA

Thinking about visiting and sightseeing in Los Angeles? Listen to this episode! LA denizen and comedian Heather Marulli joins Isaac and Charles to look at some of the spots in LA with big but undeserved lines! Just a few examples: Pink's, the Abbey, the Pantry, the Wiltern, and more!

Also discussed: LA's lack of landmarks, why people wait in lines, and Heather's witnessing of debauchery on the roof of Musso and Frank's.

No comedy controversy is complete until we have (reluctantly) contributed our takes! Famed comedian Heather Marulli joins the show to discuss the very important Shane Gillis/SNL dustup and what it means for the art of standup.

ALSO: the purpose of comedy, what makes something edgy, and why cultural critics hate standup.

Hollywood Reporter - "Comedy's Civil War: How an 'SNL' Firing Exposed a Growing Rift in Stand-Up" article:

Slate - "The Seething Stand-Up Underground That Gave Rise to Shane Gillis" article:

October 14, 2019

A Special Announcement

A special treat on a Monday.

Heather Marulli joins Isaac and Charles for a Not a Huge Fan tradition: the reading and mocking of self-aggrandizing social media posts where a death or tragedy is used to redirect attention to the poster. As usual, posts about September 11 never fail to impress.

ALSO: Heather's wish to become a Pepto Bismol spokeswoman, Isaac's continuing hatred of celebrity death sadness, and Charles's obsession with the aughts.

October 1, 2019

Sex Addict v Feminist

Today's episode brings together two of the show's most notorious guests: comedian Heather Marulli (@FixedAirHeather) and writer Delicious Tacos (@Delicious_Tacos) - or rather, his authorized representative as Delicious Tacos is a fictional character. They join Isaac and Charles to discuss the dark world of dating and relationships: which app is the best/worst? Should you pay for Tinder, wear sandals, or travel to Thailand for sex with prostitutes?

ALSO: Heather's gay boyfriend, Tacos's book "Finally, Some Good News," and somebody cries!

Buy Delicious Tacos's book:

September 24, 2019

Late Night Shows Are Obsolete

Late night shows covering politics: who enjoys this? This episode aims to find out as we listen to clips from Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Bill Maher, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, and John Oliver. Are any of them enjoyable? Not really! Isaac thinks comedy should be objective; Charles thinks it should be innovative. None of these shows turn out to be either.

PLUS: Fallon falls apart, Trevor Noah should host a talk show, and why Twitter is funnier than any of this garbage.

Isaac attended a rally over homelessness at the LA mayor's mansion in Hancock Park organized by Kevin Dalton, who goes by @NextLAMayor on Twitter. Isaac reports back on the events! Charles tells the story of his $300 jaywalking ticket.

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