Another round of the hottest takes imaginable! Abortion! The death penalty! Whether Jared Kushner is attractive! And more!

We did it live! Isaac and Charles put on a live version of the show as part of a larger event called The Podcast Party. Its quality is reviewed, along with that of the other live podcasts. The audience was offended! Actual listeners showed up! And more!

Also discussed: listener email, how to date while sober, and who was mean to Isaac in the green room.

Our Podcast Party episode (skip to 17:19 if you just want to hear us):

Podcast Party YouTube channel (our episode isn't up yet but this link will be updated as soon as it is):

Charles gives Heather online dating advice:

A look at the Carlos Maza vs. Steven Crowder contretemps from a few weeks ago. Steven Crowder regularly made fun of Carlos Maza using hateful language, Maza complained to YouTube and asked for Crowder's content to be removed; YouTube declined to remove his videos but did demonetize them with the proviso that links to the sales of a t-shirt had to be removed.

Who was more wrong: Maza, Crowder, or YouTube? Should YouTube have the right to kick people off its platform? Is YouTube even a platform at this point? Is Steven Crowder more unfunny than Carlos Maza is annoying?

Also discussed: the collapse of Vice, the inherent instability of the ad-based model, how to deal with Silicon Valley companies that gobble up all of their competitors, and who can use reclaimed language.

Elizabeth Warren's tech monopoly plan:

This show is not often complimented for its foreign policy discussions, and for good reason! Listen as Isaac and Charles stumble through an ill-informed talk about the recent Iran non-strike news. Charles compliments Trump! Isaac yearns for war!

Then for some reason the topic shifts to homelessness and all of your favorite talking points are recited. Didn't we do an episode on this already? Anyway, we are as annoyed as you are.

This week we're looking at the recent New York Magazine article "How Many Bones Would You Break to Get Laid?" by Alice Hines, with special returning guest Peter Megler. Incels are going to a Midwestern doctor for cosmetic surgery: new jawlines, neck implants, and giant testicles. Are men on incel forums actually physically unattractive or suffering from deeper internal issues?

PLUS: Who has it hardest getting laid? What did incels do before the advent of the Internet? AND some very helpful advice from decidedly non-incelish Isaac Simpson, Charles Disney, and Peter Megler.

New York Magazine article:

Some episodes are timeless! Some do not age well! We will let you decide which is which as the show takes a look at the recent dustups triggered by 90s memories Chris Kattan and Moby telling tales about their relationships... or maybe not! Peter Megler joins the show to discuss why two people can have such different impressions of what happened between them!

Also discussed: Isaac's hatred of babies, Charles's desire to slap babies, and why hot teachers have sex with their teenaged students.

A special look at some of the worst kinds of "woke" advertising along with guest Peter Megler. We look at all the classics, including the infamous Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad, Gillette's take on masculinity, and Burger King's exploration of issues completely removed from its core business. Why are corporations now chiming in on progressive issues?

A listener requested a lightning round of hot takes on a variety of topics and we oblige along with Heather Marulli. Topics include: Pete Buttigieg, Confederate statutes, trans suicide rates, climate change, plummeting sperm counts and more!

Note: opinions expressed do not reflect the actual opinions of anyone on this podcast.

Bri Hunter from the Faster, Better, and In Heels podcast joins the show again for a discussion on Avengers co-director Joe Russo's collapsing downtown Los Angeles restaurant Simone, stemming from a recent article in LA Magazine. Isaac thinks this is another in a series of stories on female failures, while Charles believes it's just another bit of ongoing hubristic mismanagement.

Also discussed: disturbing breakfast cereal advertising, why people stan so hard, and Isaac's Kanye West dreams.

LA Magazine story about Simone:

Our appearance on FBIH:

Our appearance on Succotash:

Extremely successful comedian Heather Marulli joins the show to celebrate the anniversary of her attack at the hands of crazed listener Dave of Kentucky. Charles reads feedback from a variety of other listeners including Rob in Texas, ShadyLady, and many others. Isaac is annoyed that we are wasting time on this and Heather has brought along a crystal.

Also discussed: were Isaac's friends Heather's true enemies all along? How does everyone feel about Phish? Who wants to hear a raceplay episode?

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