May 5, 2020

Michael Jordan and David Koresh: The Alphas of the 1990s

Your friendly hosts have been locked up in their houses consuming content, and here is a report! It's time to talk about two extremely popular TV series about big news stories that took place in the 1990s: the Chicago Bulls's final championship run and the siege of the Branch Davidian complex near Waco, Texas.

Isaac is the show's resident sports guy and Charles last paid attention to sports when he was in high school. Together they investigate the joys of ESPN's The Last Dance and discuss Michael Jordan's value as an entertainer, the cinematic career of Dennis Rodman, and why Ken Burns is so salty. (Note: this episode only discusses the first four parts of The Last Dance).

Then it's time for Waco, the Paramount Network limited series burning up Netflix: how did something so sympathetic to David Koresh get made? Is it one of the best series ever made? And what will the Not a Huge Fan prestige TV show opening credits look like?

Also discussed: listener emails, a show Discord server, and why Facebook bans mention of the Ukraine whistleblower.

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