May 12, 2020

The Media is Making Coronavirus Worse

Coronavirus is ravaging the country and also the media landscape! Your two favorite media critics take a look at some of the annoying trends in coronavirus content.

First up: corona finger-wagging! Isaac has been triggered by an irritating Vice article titled "How Not to Be a Coronavirus Jerk," ironically making its author come off like such a jerk himself. Thanks Vice!

Then it's on to the LA Times, writing about the 2020 CBS Diversity Showcase and its participants whose Hollywood dreams have been put on hold. Charles thinks the article was written by someone who hates it; Isaac thinks it's a PR piece gone horribly wrong.

Also discussed: the emergency room doctor who killed herself, media outlet/erectile dysfunction drug Axios, and more Marianne stanning!

Vice article:

LA Times article:

Emergency room doctor suicide:

Axios interview:

USA Today COVID deaths:

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