November 15, 2016

What Makes the Red Man Red?

Comedian Erik Escobar (@ErikEscobar) is on the podcast this week to talk the aftermath of Trump: what happened and what's next? Things get off to a bad start as Isaac and Erik continually waste time. Trump Cassandra Isaac gloats over the November Surprise. Erik clarifies that he was a Bernie supporter but definitely NOT a Bernie Bro. Erik thinks Trump is already backing down on his campaign promises and takes comfort in that. We talk a bit about the campaign and why things went down the way they did. I complain about "call out culture" being ineffective in this new political environment but we all agree the protests are a good thing. We investigate why red states are red and give various theories. We think "what might have been" about Bernie but speculate his scandals might have been more nefarious than Clinton's! Also we conclude with a discussion on the proper pronunciation of the word "milk." Music:

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