July 2, 2019

Steven Crowder Is For Figs

A look at the Carlos Maza vs. Steven Crowder contretemps from a few weeks ago. Steven Crowder regularly made fun of Carlos Maza using hateful language, Maza complained to YouTube and asked for Crowder's content to be removed; YouTube declined to remove his videos but did demonetize them with the proviso that links to the sales of a t-shirt had to be removed.

Who was more wrong: Maza, Crowder, or YouTube? Should YouTube have the right to kick people off its platform? Is YouTube even a platform at this point? Is Steven Crowder more unfunny than Carlos Maza is annoying?

Also discussed: the collapse of Vice, the inherent instability of the ad-based model, how to deal with Silicon Valley companies that gobble up all of their competitors, and who can use reclaimed language.

Elizabeth Warren's tech monopoly plan: https://medium.com/@teamwarren/heres-how-we-can-break-up-big-tech-9ad9e0da324c

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