December 5, 2017

Southland Tales is a Masterpiece

Audience favorite Evan Williams is back on this week to talk with Charles and Isaac about Richard Kelly's Donnie Darko followup Southland Tales, which was released in the US ten years ago. Charles thinks the film is a flawed masterpiece, Isaac believes it's an ego-driven failure, and Evan falls somewhere in between. Everyone attempts to explain the plot, to little avail. The big question: how does this movie exist? Isaac suggests it's a filmmaker drunk on acclaim and power, Charles claims it is pure artistic expression. The movie's minutia is examined, from the Rock's seemingly-darker skin tone to its possibly red-pilled agenda to anti-Semitism! (Guess who detects anti-Semitism). Also discussed: Isaac's reverse-racist neighbors, adult movie titles, how Obama is the villain of the second Transformers film, and why "the Southland" is the best name for LA County. Southland Tales can be viewed on a variety of streaming services or on Blu-Ray and DVD. Also there are three graphic novels that set up the movie. It's very complicated.

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