May 1, 2018

Sam Harris vs Ezra Klein: Racist Nazi Battles Alinskyite Cuck

It's yet another podcast about a podcast. Only this is a podcast that some people care about! Noted ASMR voice-having neuroscientist Sam Harris went head to head with Bush-era Tyepad blogger Ezra Klein in a 2 hour episode ( stemming from a yearlong feud over ANOTHER podcast Harris had with Bell Curve author Charles Murray.

Charles and Isaac dissect the contretemps with comedian Dan D'Aprile, who continues his multi-episode resiDANce on the show. Isaac thinks Ezra is the problem, Charles thinks neither one comes off well, and everyone laments the ways we no longer listen to each other. Plus Charles reveals a new show soundclip featuring Sam!

Also discussed: annoying kids like the Parkland students getting involved in politics, Jordan Peterson is weirding out Isaac, and the proper way to begin a discussion when there is already disagreement.

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