June 19, 2018

Megasode: Oh Hi Denny - Part 1

Controversial comedian Josh Denny was displeased with "A Very Denny Episode" and so joins the show with comedian Adi Gordan. What transpired was an often-heated exchange that lasted 3 hours and has been broken into multiple parts for your listening pleasure.

On this episode: Josh describes why he was unhappy with NAHF's episode about his situation while Isaac and Charles explain their reasoning. Twitter's terms and conditions are discussed, as well as the method by which they make you remove tweets. Isaac wants to establish a definition of racism. Josh and Adi both describe ways the entertainment business forces you to alter yourself.

Also discussed: NFL kneeling, what makes a right vs. left TV show, and whether Josh is still beloved in the gay bear community.

To be continued in future episodes!

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