October 16, 2018

Ban All Cars

Damien Newton from Streetsblog LA (https://la.streetsblog.org/) lends his transit expertise to this week's show, along with comedian Adam Yenser.

The conversation goes in depth on LA transit issues like electric scooters, "road diets" and whether they hurt local businesses, Vision Zero, and numerous other transit nerd topics.

Plus: a very special talk radio interview, the definition of a "bollard," and someone on the show was late! Can you guess who?

Isaac's full interview with Mark Thompson: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/conway-on-demand-20635767/episode/conwayshow-101-he-was-29930696/ (starts at 33:01)

Adam Yenser: http://adamyenser.com/

Damien Newton's contributor page on Streetsblog LA: https://la.streetsblog.org/author/damien/

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