July 9, 2019

A Podcast About Our Live Podcast

We did it live! Isaac and Charles put on a live version of the show as part of a larger event called The Podcast Party. Its quality is reviewed, along with that of the other live podcasts. The audience was offended! Actual listeners showed up! And more!

Also discussed: listener email, how to date while sober, and who was mean to Isaac in the green room.

Our Podcast Party episode (skip to 17:19 if you just want to hear us): https://soundcloud.com/podcastpartypodcast/ep-10-the-bechdel-cast-ethnically-ambiguous-not-a-huge-fan-ram-on

Podcast Party YouTube channel (our episode isn't up yet but this link will be updated as soon as it is): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7CrD2NQPfrIhpeSNzDDjKQ/videos

Charles gives Heather online dating advice: https://soundcloud.com/heather-marulli/my-bumbled-get-it-love-life-with-charles-disney

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