It's the final episode of the resiDANce as soon-to-be-gone comedian Dan D'Aprile joins Charles and Isaac one last time for a hard look at a hot button topic: jury duty. Charles tells a story about his experience on a jury panel in an LA criminal court and warns what happens when everyone treats jury duty like a nuisance instead of an obligation.

Also discussed: time limited relationships, Charles lying about having a wife in order to avoid purchasing furniture, and the nepotism of the entertainment business.

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May 15, 2018

Do Read the Comments

Isaac, Charles, and Dan D'Aprile just got back from lunch and annoyed a waitress who wanted them to order more aggressive drinks. Charles reads listener feedback from the controversial When Listeners Attack episode about Heather Marulli and it is not on the side of Dave of Kentucky! Isaac shares a harrowing experience receiving angry missives from one of his Vandal Press writers and the value of online comments is debated.

Also discussed: why liberal cities have so many homeless people, a fantastic Twitter account for everyone to follow, and Dan's Irish accent. This is the next to last episode of the resiDANce!

Heather Marulli's response to Dave of Kentucky here:


Time to read and cringe over a variety of the terrible personal essays that online portals love to publish! The resiDANce continues with Dan D'Aprile joining Isaac and Charles to examine the merits of articles like "I am tired of being a Jewish man's rebellion," "Christina Hendricks: A Letter to Men," and "When Your 7 Year Old Son Announces 'I'm Gay!'"

Also covered: why Isaac was reading Milo Yiannopoulos in a Long Beach lesbian coffee shop, Dan D'Aprile's future character Don Draprile, and the titillation of the word "panties."

Pieces mentioned:


It's yet another podcast about a podcast. Only this is a podcast that some people care about! Noted ASMR voice-having neuroscientist Sam Harris went head to head with Bush-era Tyepad blogger Ezra Klein in a 2 hour episode ( stemming from a yearlong feud over ANOTHER podcast Harris had with Bell Curve author Charles Murray.

Charles and Isaac dissect the contretemps with comedian Dan D'Aprile, who continues his multi-episode resiDANce on the show. Isaac thinks Ezra is the problem, Charles thinks neither one comes off well, and everyone laments the ways we no longer listen to each other. Plus Charles reveals a new show soundclip featuring Sam!

Also discussed: annoying kids like the Parkland students getting involved in politics, Jordan Peterson is weirding out Isaac, and the proper way to begin a discussion when there is already disagreement.

April 24, 2018

California Should Secede!

Comedian Dan D'Aprile joins the show for a multi-episode resiDANce before he heads back to the East Coast. Isaac recently spoke at a panel on Vexit (Venice Exit) and he and Dan find themselves in rare agreement over the superiority of a more localized government system while Charles delights in the ongoing feuding taking place within the alt-right.

Also: Isaac describes his fruit spread, Dan provides Philadelphia cheesesteak recommendations, and Charles defines "barking."


Listener Dave of Kentucky calls in because he has been heavily criticizing recurring guest Heather Marulli. Dave thinks Heather is a narcissist who doesn't add anything to the show. He also dislikes her standup. Isaac says other listeners complain about Heather and is confused by her persona. Charles is a big fan of Heather, thinks she brings a lot to the podcast, and wonders if the critiques of her have more to do with her being a woman. Also discussed: Sam Harris using the term "merch," what makes a show going off the rails good or not, and verbal crutches.


David Rosenberg returns to the podcast! Isaac wonders if the Florida bridge collapse was part of a Deep State operation to focus the country's attention on infrastructure. Charles and Rosie are not sold on such conspiracy theories. The topic of Trump's tariffs comes up, and Isaac wonders why members of the left are suddenly anti-tariff when in the past they would have been all for it. Rosie thinks there are more complicated reasons for being anti-tariff in this day and age. Also discussed: moms lusting after Rosie, Charles's college-aged flirtation with conservatism, and Rosie's presidential picks for 2020!


A quick discussion about the recent artistic resurgence of horror films and an earlier movement referred to as the "New French Extremity," which included movies such as High Tension and Martyrs.


Isaac is curious about how gay men know they're on a date and not hanging out and whether there is confusion. Gracie and Charles attempt to explain why this is a non-issue.


Along with Gracie Dixon, Isaac and Charles discover their show is possibly the most important podcast in pop culture, as their topics are continually raided by writers! This stealing includes the episode on Southland Tales and the episode about the Steve Jobs biography. Isaac makes a prediction for this year's best film. Also discussed: why do compliments make us uncomfortable, and why produce content for people to consume if we don't want to talk to them about their consumption of it?


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