July 17, 2018

NYC Still Sucks

A follwup to last year's episode "NYC Sucks," which was about how New York City had seemingly lost some of its magic. Now there's a long piece in Harper's by Kevin Baker discussing how the city is being gutted by the ultra-wealthy (https://harpers.org/archive/2018/07/the-death-of-new-york-city-gentrification/). Baker's piece describes skyrocketing residential and commercial rents, the destruction of public spaces, and the ensconcement of the mega-rich in their own private castles.

Isaac and Charles compare NYC's circumstances to that of San Francisco and Los Angeles, and Isaac suggests a mayoral campaign based on an explicitly anti-homeless message.


An examination of Plane Bae is first on the list of this episode detailing popular Internet grievances. Charles thinks the woman documenting Plane Bae is in the wrong but Isaac surprisingly finds it harmless! Once again Isaac posits that women are hypergamous by nature and will always desire high status men.

Then it's time for a look at Adam Bloom, a Winston-Salem man who called the police on a black woman at a swimming pool. Should he have lost his job?

Also discussed: Sarah Huckabee Sanders's Dinner Adventure, whether the gay identity is a choice, and the poisonous nature of online discourse.


In keeping with our policy of supplying you with only the hottest takes on the most current topics, NAHF brings you an episode about films that came out last year. Yes, it's July of 2018 but that won't stop us from talking about movies from 2017. Discussed: Ladybird! Isaac dislikes, Charles likes. The Disaster Artist! Isaac hasn't seen but dislikes, Charles has seen and dislikes. Call Me By Your Name! Isaac has seen 75% and is grossed out, Charles has seen 100% and loves!

Also discussed: the hot docs from Dances With Films, why production people are so annoying, and which episodes are NAHF canon!

June 26, 2018

Awful Podcast Merch

An episode dedicated to what really matters: looking at the awful merchandise ("merch") peddled by people who should know better, like Sam Harris, Dave Rubin, Sword and Scale, and more! Isaac and Charles run through some of the standards, like overly-pricey mugs, T-shirts with cringey stuff on them, and a general sense of disrespect for the fans who would be tempted to purchase these items.

Also discussed: listener feedback from the incel episodes, the four stages of culture, and ankle-showing pants.


The thrilling conclusion to NAHF's extended conversation with Twitter's BFF Josh Denny. Isaac, Charles, Josh, and Adi get to talking about the tweet that got Josh in so much hot water: what does it mean? What do people THINK it means? Does intent matter? Does using certain words definitively make you racist?

Isaac and Charles criticize the wording of the tweet, and Josh chastises Charles for going after another comedian's jokes. Adi stresses the importance of context on Twitter, a concept with which Josh disagrees.

Also discussed: the Bow Wow Challenge and Adi's Aziz Ansari impression.


Continuing directly from Part 1, Josh and Isaac question why it's a problem to ask someone where they're from, which Adi and Charles attempt to answer. Josh suggests the media's focus on race is part of the reason it comes up so much. Isaac is accused of "getting wound up" by Charles, and later has an oppression-off with Adi.

Also discussed: does everyone have racist thoughts? Is it always better to be white in America? Has Dave of Kentucky's view of Adi improved?

Stay tuned for Part 3...


Controversial comedian Josh Denny was displeased with "A Very Denny Episode" and so joins the show with comedian Adi Gordan. What transpired was an often-heated exchange that lasted 3 hours and has been broken into multiple parts for your listening pleasure.

On this episode: Josh describes why he was unhappy with NAHF's episode about his situation while Isaac and Charles explain their reasoning. Twitter's terms and conditions are discussed, as well as the method by which they make you remove tweets. Isaac wants to establish a definition of racism. Josh and Adi both describe ways the entertainment business forces you to alter yourself.

Also discussed: NFL kneeling, what makes a right vs. left TV show, and whether Josh is still beloved in the gay bear community.

To be continued in future episodes!


Former educator Stephen Brock makes his first guest appearance on the show to lend his expertise to the topic of school shootings and their origins. Stephen thinks it's a symptom of a larger issue with boys and masculinity. Related issues: Why aren't inner city schools plagued with mass shootings? Why has the Virginia Tech shooter been ignored? Would a national draft provide a sense of purpose and help eradicate these occurrences?

Also: whether serial killers are the indie films of murder, why Stephen thinks the Obama administration were "the Brunch Years", and Isaac mocks Charles for referencing nonexistent rappers that turn out to be real.

June 12, 2018

Minisode: Incelicious

A quick discussion about some of the elements of the incel phenomenon with Sam Bivins and Matthew Robinson once again joining Isaac and Charles. Topics discussed: the grossness of rating people on a scale, why there are no gay incels, and how the prism of ideology disrtorts the discussion.

The Misandry Bubble: http://www.singularity2050.com/2010/01/the-misandry-bubble.html


It's time to explore the Intellectual Dark Web with guests Sam Bivins and Matthew Robinson! Together everyone examines the Bari Weiss article about the IDW (https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/08/opinion/intellectual-dark-web.html) and the Nellie Bowles article about Jordan Peterson (https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/18/style/jordan-peterson-12-rules-for-life.html). Much fun is had mocking the terrible photography and overall pretentiousness of both articles. Debated: Is Sam Harris actually on the right? What is wrong with being right wing? And what is actually on the real intellectual dark web?

Also discussed: Matthew Robinson's standup characters and hatred from the MDE subreddit, listener suggestions for a new soundboard, the fact that Eric Weinstein is Peter Thiel's henchman, and how Jordan Peterson is jumping the shark!


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