Isaac Simpson is a married man! Listen along with Charles and guest Toby Louie for the hottest details of the celebrity wedding of the year!

SPOILERS AHEAD! Isaac and Charles review Jordan Peele's Us along with guests Toby Louie and Heather Marulli! Does this episode rapidly go off the rails? Do you need to ask?

NAHF Mascot Sam Harris's podcast Making Sense recently had on Roger McNamee, a key adviser in the early days of Facebook, who has since heavily criticized tech giants like Facebook and Google for their business practices. Along with guest Toby Louie, Isaac and Charles examine McNamee's appearance, with Isaac reacting strongly to McNamee's "toxic boomerality."

Also discussed: the annoyance of storytelling within conversations, as well as Isaac and Charles both telling their own horrifying stories about storytelling.

Sam Harris/Roger McNamee episode:

Someone has been sending angry missives again, and we take a few minutes to talk about it! Also: a soundboard challenge for our listeners.

A minisode covering a host of movie and TV-related topics: the Swedish film Border, Black Panther's questionable quality, True Detective Season 3 is boring but The Americans is great, the end of HBO's prestige period, and Isaac's feverish consumption of Sergio Leone's Once Upon a Time in America. 

It wouldn't be Not a Huge Fan if there wasn't an episode about something that was prominent in the cultural zeitgeist months ago: it's time to talk about the Fyre Festival documentaries, and specifically this: what led to the disaster? Isaac and Charles have the same answer: a discomfort with skeptics!

Also discussed, Momo, Caroline Calloway, Theranos, Jussie Smollett, and all the hottest topics from February!

March 19, 2019

Social Media Alcoholism

A bridge-burning interaction with a former mentor leads to this week's topic: social media alcoholism. Are Extremely Online people so addicted to fighting and feuding on social media that they lash out even worse when their opponent tries to back off? Is humanity simply turning into phone-obsessed bugs prompted only by signals? Does Isaac look constipated in his headshot or does everyone actually love it?

PLUS: More listener email, Howard Schultz is annoying, and how The Daily Show is responsible for modern day "you got owned!" culture.

Charles's controversial Apple bit:

Senator Amy Klobuchar is the chief topic of this week's Klobu-chat! The good Senator from Minnesota was the subject of a recent NYT profile ( which listed a number of horror stories about Klobuchar's management style. Charles and Isaac examine the comb salad story, what makes an evil boss vs. a merely bad one, and whether women managers have an easier time being bad than men.

Also discussed: Andrew Yang, the crime of insurmountable student debt, and whether we will ever have a weirdly-named President.

An email from a "fan" prompts a discussion about the purpose of the show. PLUS: even more gay talk, the value of Alex Jones, and our very first negative iTunes review!

February 26, 2019

Blasts From the Past

A certain someone is ill so this week's episode features three unreleased clips from the past!

1: Isaac and Charles talk about knowing and not knowing what women want, the friendzone, and more!

2: The show is joined by Adam Tod Brown and Dan D'Aprile to discuss Bears Ears and the federalization of land.

3: The infamous "Pets" episode featuring Chris Callahan and Rachel Louie that takes a turn into a conversation on trans rights that is naturally very well-informed.

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