October 19, 2017

Minisode: Flashmob Flashback

An old Washington Post article on a "Pantsuit Power Flashmob" takes Isaac and Charles on a horrifying trip down memory lane. Here's the opening: "It came together in about a week. First, the idea for a punchy, uplifting dance video that would tell a story about diversity, difference and communal support. Then, 170 dancers, a few hours of rehearsals–and pantsuits. Lots of pantsuits." A bite-sized NAHF episode. Tell us if you want more content like this! We probably won't listen. Article discussed: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/arts-and-entertainment/wp/2016/10/07/pantsuit-power-flashmob-video-for-hillary-clinton-two-women-170-dancers-no-police/

October 17, 2017


A very special episode! A certain someone just got engaged and that's the topic for this show! Yes, it's a Facebook post you would scroll past come to life as Charles and Isaac discuss a tale of engagement, which includes: texting the news, proposing in caves, and having the surprise ruined numerous times. The hashtag #DixonSimpson will be used for all wedding news going forward. Also discussed: why some countries have renowned cuisine and others don't.

October 10, 2017

Harvey Weinstein Shower

Harvey Harvey Harvey! What a naughty boy! Isaac and Charles take a deep dive into Harvey Weinstein's sleazy universe. They investigate the dirty details of the accusations against him, Weinstein's bizarre response, and the response to the response! Are the right and left held to different standards when it comes to sex scandals? Isaac keeps comparing Weinstein to Trump, which Charles criticizes. Charles asks Isaac to play "Which Gross Old Man Would You Prefer to Bang?" and the answer is not surprising. Lastly a point of disagreement emerges on how actively sexual harrassment in the workplace should be policed. On an unrelated note, we are hiring interns! Please apply to our hotel room.


Amanda Cohen and Heather Marulli stop by to discuss whether female comics are treated differently and if they receive special privileges as a result of their womanhood. Charles plays his favorite game: "Gotcha" Clips of Isaac, but this goes disastrously wrong! The tale of Isaac's open mic experience against the Blue Haired Woman is retold and Heather reveals she is attracted to balding, alcoholic comedians. Are there differences in why men perform vs. why women perform? Do some women get propped up as great comics? Is Tina Fey overrated? Listen to this episode if you like lady stuff or yelling.

September 26, 2017

We Know You’re Gay

A recent article describing a study showing AI could identify gay people by teaching it what to look for is the inspiration for today's wide-ranging episode with Evan Williams returning for another guest spot. Is there gayface? Can it be identified so easily? If there's gayface is there also pedoface? What happens if AI wrongly identifies pedoface? Also discussed: sex with robots, Rick and Morty, why parents tend to have issues with their same-gendered kids, and how Isaac hugged a naked Rosario Dawson!


This week's topic is the book Private Government: How Employers Rule Our Lives and Why We Don't Talk About It by Elizabeth Anderson. Also joining the discussion is comedian Heather Marulli, who works in an office. Isaac, Charles, and Heather recap her previous appearance on the infamous La-La Land episode and Charles explains to Isaac why his criteria for a good episode is skewed. Then it's on to the book, which posits numerous criticisms of modern workplaces for being like small dictatorships where employees have their lives policed by private organizations. Heather recounts an instance of being fired for a MySpace post and the various ways languages describe making money are examined. An episode for job-haters everywhere!

September 12, 2017

Burning Man is Douchey

Isaac is back from a whirlwind trip across America, which included watching the eclipse in Idaho, teaching NASA scientists, and attending Burning Man! Charles and special guest Evan Williams inquire about Isaac's Burning Man experience, which included getting fondled in a shower, urinating on himself, and having numerous breakdowns. Isaac describes Burning Man as "very douchey" but also well worth going as it's a unique experience where you can become a different person entirely. Also discussed: "sparkle ponies." Burning Man's inaccurate hippie reputation, and the dark undercurrent of sexual exploitation.

August 29, 2017

Jews Don’t Have Pets

Isaac's father Tom Simpson is back! It wouldn't be NAHF without possibly anti-Semitic content, and this episode's is about whether Jews own pets? It seems they might not. Isaac reiterates his anti-globalist perspective that the establishment is trying to break down the family and accuses Charles of being a globalist who wants to dictate his views to everyone. Another La-La Land argument breaks out and Charles works to solve a dispute between Isaac and his girlfriend's sister. ARE there basic human rights? DO Jews own pets? These questions might get answered.

August 22, 2017

White People Problems

Another all over the place podcast as comedian Dan D'Aprile joins the show and everyone shares the origin of their last name. Charles is descended from slaveowners, and Isaac makes the same dumb joke twice. Then three white dudes talk about slavery and the discussion moves on to the limitations of language and inherent East Coast vs West Coast differences when talking about race. Charles floats the idea of changing the term "SJW" to "Tumblr liberal" and then there's some Trump talk. A little something for everyone!

August 15, 2017


Isaac and Charles sit down for a one-on-one about Charles's disastrous recording mistake, the result of which was the loss of a great episode of people listening to and critiquing Isaac's appearance on a Nazi podcast. More news on The Lost Episode to come. Both further tell stories of past mistakes made and the gut-sinking feeling that results. Then it's on to a discussion of their recent appearance on Unpopular Opinion (www.unpops.com), and why both Isaac and Charles are lousy guests on other shows. Lastly they touch on Isaac's article for Curbed LA featuring the 10 Worst Landlords in Los Angeles, a story which was retracted by Curbed but might be available other places if you look hard enough.


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