December 13, 2016

2 Alphas, 1 Cuck

It's an alt-right bonanza on this week's episode! Our guest is Nik Oldershaw, a young comedian who may or may not be inhabiting an alt-right character for laughs. Or for real! It's hard to tell. Isaac is fixated on gay sex, and soon after Nik and Isaac bond over Reddit conspiracy theory Pizzagate. We discuss how the alt-right exists in part because the left won the culture wars and became the establishment. Isaac and I talk about our crutch words, and then Isaac complains about the words he's not allowed to say. Is the rise of the alt-right a symptom of masculinity, economics, or the aftereffects of September 11? All of these issues explored PLUS I explain the difference between a fade and an undercut. This episode is very offensive! Music:

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